Therapy Sessions

Mind, Body and Soul

Reflexology can be used to help any number of long and short term conditions. 

This wonderful massage therapy works on the extremities of the body;- the feet, hands, face or ears. By working on these reflex points, energy is sent to all the organs and systems of the body, via the energy pathways. 

This has the effect of calming anything that is overworked, by energising anything that is sluggish and by encouraging a state of harmony and balance in body and mind.

Being in this state of peaceful harmony allows our systems to function at optimal levels, no matter what is going on for the individual. So whether you are recovering from an illness or dealing with a chronic condition, reflexology gives you the best physiological environment to restore you.

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Please allow an extra 15 mins to an initial appointment for the consultation time, for a first appointment only.


Reflexology for health and wellbeing - 60 minutes.

This is a hands-on treatment that leaves the client feeling relaxed and renewed. By reducing stress and tension, just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health. 

Reflexology works on the theory that we have energy-pathways running through our bodies. By working on the "reflex points" on the extremities ( feet, hands, face, ears, head), the practitioner can send energy to all the organs and systems in order to benefit health and well-being.

The easy-flow of energy ( including the energies of blood, lymph, nerve impulses etc) is the key to good health and happiness. Mind and body are intrinsically connected on every level, even though we don't always realise this. So health and happiness affect each other, all the time. 



Reflexology for Sleep - 60 mins

An Ancient Science

Reflexology leaves clients feeling relaxed and renewed. It can make such a difference to sleeping difficulties by re-setting the body clock and encouraging relaxation. 

When we are living busy lives, it can become easy to stay in a physiological state of "high focus" for too long. By always being busy, achieving things, doing things, thinking and planning, it is easy to forget to allow ourselves the time to relax and enjoy life. This means that the body is in a state of "stress" for most of our day. So when if comes to bedtime, it is not easy to go into a nice deep sleep. The body and mind have become programmed to stay in high-alert.

In order to break this "high-focus-habit" we must introduce times of relaxation into the daily routine.

A reflexology session takes you into a state of harmonious relaxation with ease and by working the reflex points to re-set the body clock it can encourage regular sleeping patterns again.



Reflexology for Stress - 60 mins

Total Relaxation for Health

Reflexology to help with general stress levels can make such a difference. It engages the rest and digest response in the body and reduces muscle tensions.

Quite often we don't realise how stressed we are on a daily basis, that's modern life for you! We unconsciously tense muscles as we think about the plans we have and the things we need to do. We think or worry, we solve problems and we often tense places like the shoulders, neck or jaw without knowing we are doing it.

Reflexology puts the  nervous system into a state of calm and allows our muscles to unclench and relax. This will naturally reduce anxieties and worries and make you feel much more able to enjoy life in general.


Ziggie Bergman facial JPEG.jpg

Facial Reflexology - 45 mins

Natural Rejuvenation for the face

Facial reflexology works in the same way that foot reflexology does and is particularly good for total, profound relaxation.  It is especially good for people who find it hard to switch-off mentally. Facial reflexology has a more powerful impact on symptoms affecting the head and neck, such as sinus problems or headaches. Facial reflexology also has the added benefit of boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage in the face, helping to make you look more radiant and rejuvenated. 


Lending a Helping Hand

Hand reflexology - 45 minutes

Hand reflexology is useful if feet are either too painful to work on or too ticklish.  It has all the same benefits as other forms of reflexology but it is done on the hands instead. It can be particularly good for any conditions that affect the hands, such as pain or strain in the joints or muscles.

The painful areas would be only worked gently or avoided, depending on the individual.

Having your hands worked on is very calming and soothing and is a lovely way to reduce anxiety. I find hand reflexology particularly good for the very young or very old, as it is so easy to access the hands and the client usually feels comfortable to have a practitioner touching their hands, whereas they may not feel the same about their feet.

Reflexology massage on the hands, with soothing organic cream containing essential oils of fragrant herbs, is surprisingly lovely ! 

I use my own aromatherapy cream to soothe and energize. It contains frankincense, bergamot, lavender and more.



Combo-Treatment-90 mins

 feet and face or feet and hands or face and hands 

The effects of having this combination reflexology is particularly powerful. It really allows the body and mind to totally relax and stimulates the flow of energy throughout. Very useful if you have been suffering long term with something and want to kick start your wellness-journey!

It is also a really good way to decide which type of reflexology you like the best, although you may just love it all !

So lie back and enjoy being nurtured the feel of the reflexology, with the soft background music, the comfortable treatment chair or couch and the scent of aromatic oils.

Please email me if you would like to book or learn more about how reflexology could benefit you.



Reflexology can restore congested or imbalanced systems to their natural state of harmony. The body's own healing is stimulated and any inflammation in the body is reduced,tensions are released and energy flows freely.

Reflexology can help with;

  • Coping with chronic pain/illness

  • Low energy levels

  • Low mood,

  • Aches and pains,

  • Chronic skin conditions

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Menopause symptoms

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep problems

  • Recovery from illness or injury

  • Coping with grief