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Some self care tips for when you have time at home

Make a routine for yourself. Keeping to a structure is good for our sanity and will help keep anxiety levels down. This could include a daily exercise to an online class or just moving to some music, a meditation practice, doing some housework each day- whatever you feel would be useful to you.

Keep to regular mealtimes and bedtimes. This will help to keep or establish good sleep patterns.

Eat healthy home cooked food most of the time ( or all of the time!)

Keep well hydrated. This is essential to good health but is easily overlooked.

Keep in touch with friends and family and remember that isolation is an illusion! we are all human beings and we are all connected to each other.

Give yourself some facial or hand reflexology ! Great for keeping a state of happy calm.

Watch films, read books, find out stuff on the internet, enjoy the opportunity.

Catch up on jobs that will make you feel as if you have achieved something, e.g. de-cluttering and cleaning.

Do something creative like painting or knitting.

Cuddle those people and pets you live with! It's good for the soul ( and the immune system, as it happens.) A feeling of loving kindness is the opposite, physiologically, to the stress response in the body. This supports all our body systems, including the immune system.

List everything in life you are grateful for. Gratitude is the attitude to attract more of what you value into your life.

Keep your face turned to the sunshine, whenever possible. ( and don't forget the sun-cream )

Stand on one leg to encourage balance in your body, keeping the yin and yang in balance.

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