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Self care is not a luxury, it's vital !

Self care is vital to our happiness, health and well-being, and we should never feel guilty for looking after ourselves, or feel as if we should be tackling the endless "to do" list of everyday life. Instead, we should make self-care a priority and put it ON the list ! After all, we are not going to be able to function properly if we are tired out, tense and unhappy.

By self-care, I mean ensuring we meet our own basic needs. The obvious ones are nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest, but we also need to make sure we have a good balance of activities or therapies that nurture us, keep our stress levels manageable and make us feel happy, balanced and relaxed. This too is a basic need.

Doing something creative, reading up on a subject that interests you, learning a new skill, having an aromatherapy bath, having a massage or facial or reflexology ( of course ! ) are all things that will help reduce the stress response in the body. It is now widely understood that long term stress is extremely damaging to health, so anything we can do to keep it low is of vital importance.

Looking after ourselves is not a luxury, it's vital to our health. It takes self-discipline and planning. It sometimes takes not caring what other people may think and saying "no" to things we can't make room to do.

Allocate some weekly time for yourself to do the things that make you happy, that relax you, that make you laugh. Allocate time with the people and animals you love. Allocate some times for facials/massages/reflexology or just for a duvet day when it's needed !

Most importantly, refuse to feel guilty about it !

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