About Me

Hi, my name's Jane and I'm passionate about reflexology and the part it plays in making us into happier people, at ease in our lives, at peace with ourselves. 
I believe that reflexology can help us to let go of the tensions and beliefs that we need to let go of and to energise and support the processes that need some extra help.
Our minds and bodies are intrinsically linked, with everything affecting everything else. Sometimes reflexology can give helpful insights into what is going on for a person in order to empower them to find the state of well-being they seek.
I have a level 5 diploma in practitioner reflexology, Reiki 1 and 2 and aromatherapy.  I love helping people to live fulfilled and healthy lives and I hope I can interest you in trying the wonderful, experience of reflexology for yourself.
You may be amazed by how it induces relaxation in the whole body and by how nurturing it feels.
The ancient, hands- on techniques of reflexology can be done on the feet, hands or face. Whichever one you choose, I'm sure you will feel the benefits.
So put your feet up, relax and enjoy! It's good for your health.